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Inflammation of the pancreas is known as Pancreatitis. The inflamed pancreas can cause harm to your other internal organs like lungs, liver, kidneys and heart etc.

The main culprits for Pancreatitis are either heavy alcohol use or gallstones.

There are two forms of pancreatitis:

Pancreatitis symptoms vary, depending on the type of condition:

If you have Acute pancreatitis, you may experience abdominal pain , vomiting, swollen, tender abdomen, fever, faster heart rate etc.

If you have Chronic pancreatitis, you may experience abdominal pain, weight loss, diarrhea, Diabetes (high blood sugar), if insulin-producing pancreas cells are damaged. And you may have some of the same symptoms as acute pancreatitis as well.

At Laser and Laparoscopy Center, our expert team of doctors will analyse and measures the levels of your digestive enzymes (amylase and lipase) produced by the pancreas to diagnose your pancreatitis accurately. High levels of these enzymes indicate acute pancreatitis.

Our team of doctors at Laser and Laparoscopy Center has long years’ experience and expertise in treating both acute and chronic pancreatitis very efficiently.

We At Laser and Laparoscopy Center advise surgery If the pancreatitis is due obstruction of gallstone. If it is due to excessive alcohol consumption, we suggest to avoid alcohol consumption or an alcohol rehabilitation program will be recommended as required.

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