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Hernia is a very common condition in many people including men and women, even kids. Hernia can be by birth (congenital) or can be developed over a period.

A hernia is an organ bulges its way through a weak spot of the muscle or connective tissue into another part of the body. A hernia can occur in the abdomen, upper thigh area, belly button, or groins etc.

Hernia can be caused by an increase in abdominal pressure, due to continuous coughing or sneezing, diarrhoea, obesity, constipation, or lifting heavy objects.

Types of hernias

The hernia can cause lot of discomfort, severe pain, and it can lead to serious problems. In some cases, if untreated may lead to more complications and an emergency surgery.

At Laser and Laparoscopy Center, our expert team of doctors treated tens of thousands of patients with the best results. We will provide comprehensive treatment and appropriate surgical procedures to treat your hernia and give you the desired relief.

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