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An anal fistula is a small tunnel that runs between the end of the bowel and near the anus. Fistula is usually the result of an infection, with puss accumulation near the anus. When the pus drains away, it can leave a small tunnel behind.

The most common symptoms are:

Our team of expert doctors at Laser and Laparoscopy Center, will diagnose your fissures and assess its severity and the condition to plan for the treatment. Our expert surgeons will cut open the skin and muscle surrounding the tunnel if it is a simple fistula. This will help your fistula to heal from the inside out.

For a more complicated fistula, we have an expert surgeons who has extensive knowledge on operating any type of complicated fistula. Our team use various methods to drain the puss before surgery to get the best results.

At Laser and Laparoscopy Center, our doctors has extensive experience and expertise in fistula treatments.

Life with fissure is painful. But, there is no reason living with them when treatment are easily available and even the surgeries are simple and risk-free.