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An anal fissure is a small tear in the mucus lining of the anus, anal fissure may occur while passing hard or large stools with force. An anal fissure usually cause pain and bleeding during bowel movements.

An anal fissures can be two types one is acute anal fissures, which are fresh cuts with bleeding and pain, the other type is known as chronic anal fissure which are little deeper and might develop some internal or external fleshy growths.

Fissures are very common in across all age groups, however the chances are very less in old people. Fissures are very painful and causes bleeding, particularly during the bowl movement it gets more painful and irritating.

In some cases Fissures can be associated with various other diseases like Anal cancer, Ulcerative colitis, STDs and HIV etc.

Fissures usual symptoms

At Laser and Laparoscopy Center, our team of expert doctors will provide expert treatment for fissures to get the best results, we would do the detailed diagnosis using various methods.

If an anal fissure does not improve with the conventional treatments, they advise for a surgery considering the various underlying disorders that can cause anal fissures.

The fissures surgery is very simple and can be pain free, there is no reason to continue with the pain and irritation. Just book your appointment with us by phone or online today.